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thrashing is my business and business is good

A Death in the Family

Hey everybody, The Golden Age is breaking up. Rather than going into all the various reasons I'm just going to say that it's just that time. We're all still friends, and we all still love the music that we've made together. We will be playing a final show May 1st(Free Comic Book Day),not sure exactly where but it will be here in Corpus. It will be on a Saturday, so to everyone who might want to come from different cities, you've got a 3 month heads up!
When my brother and I started this band at the end of 2003 I had no intention of taking this band that seriously. I just wanted to start a band people could circle pit to and I wanted to watch The Contender for free. But somehow this band grew and grew and kept on going taking on a life of it's own. I am nothing short of AMAZED at the impact this band and our music have had on myself and on other people. I've had numerous people tell me that The Trust gave them the strength to make it through, and we've had strangers from across the world send us messages telling us that we're their favorite band. It makes me feel truly fulfilled.
Words can't fully express the amount of gratitude we owe to all the people who have made being in this band so much fun. We wouldn't have lasted these last six years without you. Whether you were singing along, dancing, booking a show for us(at home or on tour), buying our merch, giving us a place to stay, feeding us, letting us borrow your equipment or just taking the time to give us a few kind words(at shows or by sending us an email). They really made this whole thing feel worth it.
Now a little bit of good news. The music isn't quite finished. T.G.A. will be recording one last new song at the end of this month and it will be available for free download. Also, Shaggy, Eric, Gabe(my brother and original T.G.A. drummer) and I have started a new band. It's called Time On Fire and we'll be recording a few songs very soon. They will also be available for free download. We'll keep everyone posted on when all this free music will be up.
So to Panic Records, Hellfish, our families, our friends(you know who you are) all of the awesome bands we've had the pleasure of playing with(you know who you are) and especially to EVERYONE who ever played in this band, on behalf of Shaggy, Eric, Addrian, Cramer and myself, THANK YOU.


P.S. Don't be too bummed.....LOST is back tomorrow.
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